Doors and Fountains


Fez is a city of doors and fountains. They are everywhere: beautiful doors (mostly closed because today was Friday and also a holiday) and fountains large and small. I walked through the empty old town and did the impossible: did not get lost!


Most of the shops were closed which was helpful as the empty streets are easier to navigate. I visited the one museum that was open: the Wooden Arts and Crafts Museum with an (of course!) amazing door and building and interesting exhibits.


Lunch was at a beautiful tea house tucked into the bazaar. The coffee in Morocco is divine (probably a French influence) and after a few days of scarcity of foodstuff during the day because of Ramadan, it was refreshing to walk the city caffeinated and be able to drink water in the scorching heat!


In the evening, streets were again full to the brim with the old, young and everyone in between. The energy reminded me of Iran with people walking up and down the streets and children playing until late in the evening. I saw a MacDonald’s that was completely full.






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