This vastland is my home,

My desires running bare feet like orphans, recognize me and hold my hand,

I am back and will not leave again.


This vastland is my home,

I finally recognized the light at the end of your silence and kissed your parched lips, my broken lost friend!


This vastland is mine,

It stretched under my feet wherever I ran away and cringed when I finally stopped and sat,

“I love you!” I said and the sky began to cry after such a long empty night.


Beneath the dry skin of this desert, seeds of wild flowers hide, timid and fragile and insecure,

I cut my veins and water them with my blood,

As my eyes close and I am overtaken by the Great Sleep,

My last vision is of flowers blooming around me.


1 thought on “Vastland

  1. Beautiful Vastland brings fullness to the emptiness and comforts the lonely soul.
    Blessings on your homelands that feel so very near and dear to your heart.
    May the blossoming bliss never end in the flower garden of creative culture, love and light.
    flowing with delight day and night 🙂

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