A sad contrast

The Toronto Fringe Festival is a fun and low-key theatre festival with many shows by indie theatre troops. I’ve been volunteering with the Fringe (on and off) for a number of years and this year I decided to take on a few shifts as well. Because of a very heavy workload last week, I wasn’t able to take on many shifts (one of them got cancelled because the theatre was flooded 😦 ) but I eventually went to see a fun show tonight called “Death married my daughter“. It was a feminist alternative take on Shakespeare and his male personalities (mainly Hamlet and Othello). I can’t say it was a favourite, as it was disconnected and tried to use shock too much, but I had fun and met some volunteer friends afterwards. 

A few days ago, I saw a very raw and emotional film called “Arna’s Children” about a Palenstinian children’s theatre group in the Jenin refugee camp. It is an absolutely heart breaking film as all the children who are actors grow up to die in the conflict and their footage are beautiful and painful to watch. 

I love theatre and hope that someday I can write a play. Perhaps one for the Fringe Festival? I already have a title, “Dali meets Khatchaturian” and a story that’s about 10 mins long. I will work on the rest and maybe, hopefully, something might come out of it!


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