A Peaceful Warrior

Since coming back to Canada I have decided to take walks. I picked up a copy of “Great Country Walks Around Toronto” by Elliott Katz from the public library and during last week have gone on the following trails: East Don River, High Park, Black Creek, Tommy Thompson Park and Rosedale Ravine. 

On Sunday, after meeting with a friend at the Muhtadi Drum Festival, I went for a long walk along Toronto waterfront going through the Tommy Thompson Park (which is full of wildlife) and ended up at Cherry Beach. I was really tired so before going to the beach party, I lay down and had a power nap. When I woke up, I couldn’t find my phone!

Now, I have to say I usually have the cheapest phone in town but since coming back from Bhutan, I decided to finally break through to the smartphone side and buy a sleek Galaxy 4 phone, justifying the cost partially by planning to experiment with programming in its Android environment.

So, the loss was a shock! But after some deliberation, I was reconciled with myself for being so clumsy and careless and decided to go to the party. The beach party thrown by Promise at cherry beach is a fun event and it was nice connecting with friends there. I stayed until the end (11pm) in the hopes of someone finding the phone and bringing it to the DJ booth. After checking for the last time and not finding the phone I decided to walk back home. The organizers (Dave and Irvine) were awesome as always and told me to contact them the day after in case someone had returned the phone. 

When I got home at 1 am after a long walk and a bus ride, I saw a Facebook message from a friend who said someone had found the phone and told her he will drop it off somewhere in town the next day! I was very happy, I had already given up on finding the phone, but as it turns out there are caring kind people everywhere!

As a small token of appreciation I decided to gift whoever found the phone with a small book that I really like called “Shambhalah: The Sacred Path of the Warrior” by Chogyam Trungpa. I went to the address that I was given and as it turned out the person who had found my phone was John Tench, a well-known actor with more than 122 films! He was a very kind gentleman and said he enjoyed helping people and realized how important phones are in todays world. I was humbled by his kindness and generosity. When he saw the book I gave him, he liked it and said he always felt like a warrior too!

Indeed, he is a warrior for the good!



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