Last few days in Bhutan

I am nearing the end of my trip here in Bhutan. This last week was very busy but also very rewarding. I was offered to teach a class of 25 managers and employees from various banks and government agencies on Effective Communication. This was a three day course, where we covered a lot of topics including how to make effective multimedia (including infographics) presentations, how to conduct what I call “Poetic Presentations” where we use narrative, humour and metaphors to engage the audience.


It was a very interesting and rewarding experience, especially as I had to come up with all the material, which was great since I could include things like poetry and meditation too! I divided the participants into groups and they all did a presentation at the end. I am happy to say most of the feedback was positive. This training was conducted at the Bhutan Media and Communication Institute where I was provided with a lot of assistance, support and flexibility.

The past week also marked the inauguration of ScanCafe, a multinational company with offices in USA and India and now in Bhutan that is moving part of its operations to the Thimphu TechPark. I met one of the co-founders of this company, Dr. Naren Dubey, and his family, which was great. After the ceremony, I setup a Makey Makey Pacman game which we played with the children and had fun. I have found some interesting and unusual fruit here (is it a mouse or a fruit?!) that I incorporated into my demo!




SAM_2091On Saturday, my friend Manny who is working with Youth in Thimphu, kindly invited me to give a presentation at his lab for youth who are interested in digital media and take photography and public speaking classes at his centre. I really enjoyed talking with this group and after the talk, we setup a collaborative Pacman game, where each person become a “button” that had to be high-fived for the Pacman to change direction and avoid the ghosts!


Also, I brought a number of prototypes, including Synchrum there and we had a discussion about design and prototyping.


These last few days also were occasion to meet friends and colleagues. On Saturday after dinner and hang out at my place, we went to see a live show by a young (and really good) Bhutanese band. The singer’s name is Ugyen Panday and here’s a video of him performing a Hindi song:

I am hoping to bring back some of the songs to Canada!

2 thoughts on “Last few days in Bhutan

    • Yes, I can’t believe time flew so fast!

      Yes, a lot of people know Hindi in Thimphu because a they go for study or work there, also there are a lot of Indians working here.

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