Red rice, wild mushrooms and local cheese!

I had a classic expat experience today. After visiting the weekend market, buying the ingredients of my first proper Bhutanese dish (after trying a failed poached egg masala and eating lots of organic asparagus!) and getting soaked in weekend rain, I ended up at the Swiss Bakery, an institution in Thimphu.


A cozy alpine chalet style interior houses a cafe with European style pastries and cafe. Although I already had a weekend brunch of cheese momos and milk tea in the market, I couldn’t resist the coffee and a deliciously deep fried doughnut called The Berliner.


Also, looking at the other food for sale (specially the plastic wrapped hamburgers!) was fun. It was a great experience!

SAM_1338This is a weekend post, so I will talk a little about one of my favourite subjects: Food!

Last night I tried my first take on a Bhutanese style dish: Ema Datshi (or chili and cheese). Aiming for authenticity, I used very red hot chills I had bought from the market which made me cry with joyful tears later on! Also, I added yummy local wild mushrooms and a local cottage cheese that is a cross between cottage cheese and the Persian Kashk.



This was all good and fun but got even better when added on top of Bhutanese red rice which is a sticky rice, rich in nutrients and with a nutty flavour (that I like a lot). I think this rice would be exceptionally good for puddings and such.

So anyway, here’s a link to a recipe for Ema Datshi:


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