Printing Yoda

My first 3D printed object is an ornate Yoda head! The design is not mine and is from a website ( that hosts a repository of designs for physical objects. Our school has recently acquired three 3D printers (3D Touch from BFB) and I am lucky to have access to them. It took about 30 hours to print. Because of the cavities there were a lot of support material and it’s almost impossible to take all of them out. There might be a way to melt the support material but I don’t want to risk anything with my first Yoda yet!


I would love to make a skin for Yoda’s head, perhaps one can be made out of resin. Combining 3D printing with traditional sculpting techniques would be very interesting and might make sculpting more accessible to amateurs like myself 🙂


1 thought on “Printing Yoda

  1. Welcome to the exciting world of 3D printing! Nice Yoda!

    Heads up: filaments that dissolve in water can be used for easily-removable support material.

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